Ani Phyo's the founder and owner of SmartMonkey Foods, which started out as her catering and events company a decade ago. She launched a line of prepared foods, and eventually her line of SmartMonkey Bars. Since then, it’s grown into a weekly cafe, monthly dinner events, retreats, classes, and her first published uncookbook, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen.

After many successful years, Ani's been forced to make her decision to take her SmartMonkey Bars off the market due to internal company issues that are out of her control. She's struggled to find resolution over the past year and a half, and finally decided to cut her losses and clear away negative forces.

Ani plans to relaunch her SmartMonkey Foods product line in the future. And, intends to keep SmartMonkey Foods as her raw, living cuisine and green lifestyle brand.

For now, she's focused on her 3rd uncookbook, available in May 2010, and her uncooking shows. Currently, she's planning her DESSERTS book tour, begining in early May in the USA, and in the Fall in the UK and Australia. For more info, please visit her blog:

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Bizzare Foods' LA episode, Fall 2008!

For more press, recipes, and to watch her award winning uncooking shows, visit Ani at her blog:


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